Oncology / HCC

Oncology / HCC

Background of HCC

  1. 90% of HCC patients die within 5 years after Diagnosis
  2. 50% OF HCC patients die within 2 years after diagnosis.
  3. 840,000 annual new HCC cases globally, and 35,000 annual new HCC cases in the US.
  4. HCC Treatment is a Large and Growing Market

Current Treatment for HCC

  1. Sorafenib and other chemotherapies (first-line treatment)
  • Extends survival by only 12 weeks
  • High relapse/refractory rate
  1. PD-1/PD-L1 blockades (second-line treatment)
  • Less than 20% overall response rate
  • Resistance to PD-1 and PD-L1 blockade
  1. Marginally effective standard of care

CD147-CAR-NK is promising for HCC treatment

  1. CD147-CAR-NK cells can effectively kill various malignant HCC cell lines in vitro.
  2. CD147-CAR-NK cells control the growth of HCC tumors in multiple xenograft and patient-derived xenograft mouse models.
  3. CD147-CAR-NK cells does not cause severe on-target/off-tumor toxicity in a human CD147 transgenic mouse model.